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Potato Island, Nova Scotia, is a quiet place sheltered from the problems of the outside world. When Ian McKendrie, a young man from Toronto, arrives and begins selling the products of his small meth lab, the Islanders are anxious to rid the Island of this scourge.

The judge in Halifax sees things differently. He sentences McKendrie to house arrest on the Island with conditions that seem no punishment at all. So, when an opportunity presents itself, the Islanders decide to take the law into their own hands and impose a few "conditions" of their own.

Suspense, chaos, and humour ensue as the locals attempt to take back their Island. With the victims now the jailers, the Islanders will have to decide what it really means to have justice served.

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"Oh my God," I whimpered. "Oh my God, I've been shot."

Marion Mackenzie's dream of solitude in Lupin's Point is shattered when Schooner Button spots her near his fishing boat and pegs her as a lobster thief. Clinging to the timbers beneath the dock, Marion realizes this is not the sleepy cove she imagined.

With people like Alice Lupin, Schooner Button and Crazy Hal, life in quirky Lupin's Point promises to be anything but quiet. Amid the chaos of feuding neighbors and a vigilante posse bent on scaring off drug dealers, Marion finds an ally in Donny Kennedy. A bridge between the cove's past and the present, Donny may prove to be the biggest challenge of all.