photo of Michelle

Michelle's passion has always been writing. She cannot remember when exactly she started writing, but she also cannot remember a time when she wasn't writing.

Her creative outlet since grade school, Michelle remembers fondly how classmates would often vote to have her stories read aloud to the class. Back then she believed it was because her stories were good, but on reflection, she now believes it was because they were often long and would take up a lot of class time!

"I think writing is like breathing. I do it because I have to but not have to in a bad way. It's not something I think about, I just do it."

Michelle was born in North Carolina but grew up in Alberta and Nova Scotia. She lives in Edmonton with her husband, children and two dogs. In real life, Michelle works as a prosecutor part-time. It is a job she enjoys and is grateful for. She is a devoted mother to her five wonderful, busy and energetic kids who keep her laughing and on her toes.

Somewhere between a case at work, laundry, cooking, cleaning and transporting five kids to and from their activities, you will find Michelle hiding for three hours a week working on her next story.